South Indian dress Wedding Guest Look – How To Dress Up

How to dress up a south Indian wedding

A south Indian wedding is famous for its tradition and symbolism. It is known for its elaborate decorations and rich clothing. Due to the cultural differences, a south Indian wedding guest look differs from the other states in India. In this article, we will discuss how you must dress up while attending a south Indian wedding.

South Indian Wedding Guest Look

Attire for Women

There are five states in south India with unique ceremonies with unique attire. But to be on the safe side, women can choose to wear a sari in a south Indian marriage. They can wear a Settu sari, a combination of white and gold saree. Many even prefer to wear the famous Kanjivaram silk sari. It is a sari where the body and border are woven separately and then interlocked. The preferred material is silk. If you want more ideas on this type of saris, you can watch the Indian actress Rekha’s saris closely.

Many guests also choose to wear south Indian lehenga at a wedding function. Half-sari lehengas are also popular and available in silk, crepe, chiffon, Tussar, etc. Nowadays people even choose to wear embroidered salwar kameez for convenience.

The color of the women’s dress is mostly gold, red, or maroon. But ladies are now experimenting with blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, etc.

Attire for Men

Male guests usually wear a traditional Indian dhoti or kurta-pajama. A kurta is a long, loose tunic that falls to the knees and is worn with a pajama, a pair of well-fitted or loose trousers. The term “dhoti” refers to a long garment worn around the legs and waist. The ideal fabrics are cotton, silk, or linen. Some men even wear a turban. The traditional color is white for men. But, nowadays, people are wearing other sober colors. 


Women in south India love to wear heavy or OTT (over-the-top) jewelry at wedding ceremonies. They mostly pick jewelry like Kundan, heavy gold, and diamond. Jewelry with antique designs like Temple and Nakshi is famous. South Indian wedding guest look for women is not complete without bangles, Kamarbandhs (ornamental waistbands), and anklets. Men also wear jewelry like gold chains, rings, and bracelets.

Hair and Make-up

Adoring hair with flowers is a very popular tradition at south Indian weddings for women. She can either tie her hair in a bun or make a long braid. Many women even let their hair fall on the shoulder.

Heavy make-up is what is expected out of the south Indian guest look for women. But one can keep it simple by just defining the eyes with kajal and mascara and adding red or pink lipstick to the lips.

We hope that you have got an idea about a south Indian wedding guest look. So, next time you get south Indian wedding invitations, do not forget to use our tips.

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