Wedding ceremonies reflect our age-old traditions and customs. And the rituals display our respect closer to our roots and their underlying association with spirituality and dharma.

Wedding ceremonies reflect our age-old traditions and customs. And the rituals display our respect closer to our roots and their underlying association with spirituality and dharma. The wedding ceremonies had been there since time immemorial, making them irreplaceable and valuable. 

But in the past few years, Indian weddings have modified a lot. While the wedding ceremonies have remained greater or much less equal till now, it’s miles the addition of new-age norms and some thrilling twists to the traditions that have introduced extra amusement to the traditional event. Today’s couples seem to enjoy this trend of tweaking traditions a bit, making matters more exciting for all of us and tasty at the same time. And given that a touch deviation from conventionality isn’t against the law, the elders in the own family, too, don’t appear to mind. 

This article talks about some such very interesting ideas, which, if added to your marriage ceremony, can raise the overall enjoyment to a whole new degree and may make your wedding memorable for everybody who attends it.  

The ideas to make your wedding unforgettable

1. Wear offbeat colour wedding dresses.

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Keep apart the reds and pinks. Make a fashion assertion along with your wedding ceremony clothes by carrying lehengas and sherwanis of offbeat colour. Discuss between the 2 of you in advance and decide on your favoured sun shades. And in case you two are planning custom-made wedding ceremony attire for yourselves, then not anything adore it. Select unique bridal couture from Tarun Tahiliani or Maneesh Malhotra and wow the guests together with your dressing experience.  

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2. Mega entries to the ceremony

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Gone are the times when the bride might be escorted to the ceremonial level or mandap via her circle of relatives, individuals under chadars, cholis or plants, along with her head and eyes down. While traditional bridal entries are nevertheless pretty, not unusual, the brand new-age brides take this as a risk to make a declaration with their confidence. To make your access to the mandap very unique, plan a grand topic-based Maharani-fashion entry on a palanquin with a set of men dressed as royal guards wearing it on their shoulders and another organization main the route with blazing marshals of their hands. You can also plan a Maharaja-style entry on your husband-to-be properly with the aid of arranging a grand elephant journey for him with men dressed as royal guards escorting him with brandished swords in their hands. Theme-primarily based entries like these could make your marriage ceremony absolutely unforgettable. 

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3. Hire Women Priests to solemnize your marriage.

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Do you need to surprise everyone with a concept that might make your wedding ceremony unforgettable for lifestyles? Well, right here is the idea. Your correct old purohit ji can be superb at his task, but hiring one or two lady priests to solemnize your marriage, specifically, acting as the homes and pheras, might be an exquisite concept. Your visitors are absolutely going to like this idea as it would be a brand new experience for most of them. Hire qualified woman clergymen and give them a mic, so that once they chant the mantras loudly at the time of performing the wedding ceremony rituals, the air is packed with tremendous vibration.  

4. A popcorn cart beside the mandap

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The Indian wedding ceremony ceremonies, mainly, Hindu weddings, are lengthy events that take pretty some hours to complete. With hundreds of rituals which might be observed together with the pujas, homes and phrases, it is often a tough ask for spouses and children and invitees to sit down quietly for goodbye. That’s why placing a popcorn cart beside the ceremonial degree or mandap can be any such splendid concept. While you are taking your marriage vows for hours at a stretch, your relatives can munch on these stupid snackies and watch you perform the rituals one after the other. Besides, popcorn is correct for their fitness, too. 

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5. Giving meaningful gifts

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Giving away meaningful presents can make your wedding ceremony memorable for your guests and invitees. Don’t select vain gadgets which can be much more likely to be thrown into the dustbin. Choose useful items inclusive of a colorful potli, leather-based pockets, a customized espresso mug with a few heart-touching messages, a beautiful cushion cowl, or an expensive hand towel. Don’t gift away these gadgets as you buy them from the marketplace. Make them personalized with fabric works, stitches and inscriptions. Create a hashtag that consists of both of your first names and stitch it on the wallets and potlis and print the identical ones on the coffee mugs. This might help human beings consider your wedding in the long term.   

6. Choose different flowers for different rituals.

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If something should really make your wedding memorable, that would be your wedding images. Photographs reveal recollections saved for lifestyles. And to make those snapshots the best, select one-of-a-kind sorts of flora for unique rituals for your bridal ceremony. The concept is to suit the flavour of the rituals. For instance, choose yellow marigolds to enhance the venue for your Haldi rite. Choose roses for your bridal entry, a combination of yellow and crimson marigold garlands for the mandap, and many others. Use kilos of them for generous sprinkling and decorating the walls and pathways. Flowers keep a special area in wedding ornament, and they should be picked according to the tone and idea manner associated with the occasion. 

7. Find a tree

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Remember the film, ‘Avatar,’ where a large tree is handled because of the lifeline through the Na’vis? Well, even if you don’t, you will most virtually relate to and trust a tree’s large-than-lifestyles role in our human lives. And what better manner to reconnect with bushes than to encompass them for your wedding plans? If you are establishing your wedding at your house or somewhere inside the neighbourhood, or you have plans to e-book a hotel, motel, farmhouse, or a fabulous banquet corridor, just ensure that they have got a complete-grown tree someplace in the garden. Decorate the tree trunk with garlands and the branches with colorful plant life and beautiful placing lighting fixtures. Make seating arrangements for visitors around the tree and set up the ceremonial stage near it. This could not best help you join higher with Mother Nature; however, it could additionally bring tremendous vibrations to your married lifestyles. The soothing impact of the trees could truly create long-lasting memories of your wedding ceremony in the minds of your visitors. There are many dinner party halls in Delhi for wedding ceremonies in which there are beautiful large timber inside the middle of the lawns. 

8. Arrange a soulful soiree

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Music is the essence of human lifestyles. There is rarely everybody on this international who doesn’t like music in any of its diverse forms. And your wedding is the biggest opportunity to unfold happy vibes through a few cheerful notes and passionate tunes. Treat your family and visitors to a few soulful songs on your wedding night by setting up a Ghazal mehfil or a Sufi fiesta. You also can invite a Shayari artist to entertain your guests. Forget about DJ and leg-shaking Western beats; soulful Indian songs, and Shayari could, with absolute confidence, make your wedding ceremony night memorable for your visitors and loved ones.  

9. Design a customized menu with unique food names

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The correct vintage Chicken Tikka and Paneer Butter Masala sound dull. Give those all-time favoured dishes a few unique and interesting names that have something to do with your wedding ceremony. Say, for example, a “Neetu Naan” or a “Harjeet Halwa,” or perhaps a “shaadiwali laddu” or a “Manjeetey Mutton di Handi.” Name them something you need in any way you want. The concept is to carry smiles to the faces of your visitors and make your wedding ceremony menu card stay in their minds for the long term. You can also write down the quirky names you’ve given to all the gadgets to your wedding ceremony menu on a huge wood-framed blackboard and area it near the entrance of the dining corridor. This would make your wedding guests take pleasure in pleasant and fun-crammed discussions between themselves about your menu while they wait outdoors in the dining corridor. Don’t worry about the venues, as various small bridal ceremony venues in Delhi allow customized menus or even outdoor catering for weddings.    

10. Feed the poor

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Arranging a grand wedding ceremony banquet for guests and relatives is what everybody does at his wedding ceremony. There is not anything new in it. Make your wedding stand out and allow it to stay in your guests’ minds forever by means of arranging a ceremonial dinner for the poor and greedy in your wedding ceremony night. Talk to an NGO or a neighbourhood authority and collect as many people as you can feed within your price range. You also can invite kids from an orphanage. Feed as many of them as you can with your palms after the marriage rituals are over. This could no longer simply make your wedding ceremony memorable for your visitors but also earn you the advantages of the common men.

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