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theindianfamilies.com blog provides all the information about Indian culture, Indian festivals, and Indian dressing, Traditionally live together and share a common bond which gives them a sense of identity in daily food, etc. Because India is a diverse nation with a wide variety of cultures, religions, and customs. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all description of Indian families. However, some commonalities can be seen across many Indian families. 

This blog writing articles about the below topics.

  • Indian temples
  • South Indian dresses
  • North Indian dresses
  • Indian Baby toys
  • Indian Culture
  • Hinduism Religion and Culture
  • Hinduism Temple
  • Indian God’s
  • Hindusim God’s
  • Traditional dresses
  • South Indian dress for women
  • South Indian dress for men
  • Indian famous temples

Story of theindianfamilies.com

We started this blog in Jan 2023, to provide information on how different states in India have their own unique cultures, temples, religions, dresses, and Gods which are on display through this blog. From South Indian clothes to North Indian food, there is something for everyone to learn from these amazing facts of theindianfamilies!

Thus, this blog. Let’s examine some salient characteristics of Indianfamilies.com.

we have a different culture across India. we have a traditional culture and also a modern culture. in south India, the people follow traditional dressing like sarees for women and lungi or dhoti for men.

Team of theindianfamilies.com

Content Writer’s

  1. Vishakha Kasaria – She has good experience in writing articles in all types of niches. She is a graduate of Literature from Delhi University.
  2. Poornima – She did schooling from the CBSE board and now pursuing Engineering from BIT’s


theindianfamilies.com hired professional designers to design the images for their articles.

Founder and CEO’s

Mrs Vishakha Kasaraia and Mr Rohit Kumar both are the Founders of this blog. As a business consultant both have worked for some other IT Companies.

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