This bridal look wowed us with her jewellery. It was modern yet traditional, unique saree hue as well as stunning makeup and hair!

Maharashtrian weddings, or Lagna (in Marathi), are as lavish as you can imagine. If you’ve got attended a Maharashtrian wedding ceremony you can relate to us nicely. If now not, let us stroll you through a few Maharashtrian looks to provide you with a glimpse.

The apparel is usually a traditional saree along with Nauvari (9 yards), Paithani, and Shalu. Some brides do opt for other closely embroidered sarees such as gorgette, but their ordinary bridal appearance is the same.

You will find the Navari (method bride in Marathi) carrying mehendi on her palms, which might be beautifully adorned via inexperienced bangles. Maharashtrian brides put on a green chuda for their weddings which can be unusual numbered green glass bangles. They are commonly combined with actual gold bangles like tode and patina.

While we check with strange, inexperienced bangles, they may be something in the quantity of 6, nine, or 12 on each hand. For my wedding ceremony, I had embellished 23 bangles on one hand and 24 on any other (the addition of both bangles has to be atypical, typically for the bride).

The jewelry a Marathi bride wears is conventional. It can include kolhapuri saaj, vaki, nath (a Maharashtrian nostril pin), thushi (conventional choker necklace), mohan maal ( string style necklace), painjaan (silver anklets). Once married, the bride wears a vanity mangal sutra and Jodi. Also, the marriage is incomplete without Mundavlya, Chandra Kar.

Awesome Maharashtrian look

The crimson Nauvari saree flawlessly syncs with the pink color. Not to forget about the math, which provides a traditional touch to the Maharashtrian look.

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A conventional Paithani saree with a present-day and dressmaker contact. The jewellery, a mixture of traditional and modernized portions whole this Maharashtrian Bridal Look.

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A Paithani saree with emerald inexperienced color and red border offers regal vibes with this Maharashtrian Bridal Look.

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Dark Royal blue color Paithani saree worn in a Nauvari style is giving us Peshwai Maharashtrian Bridal Look goals.

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This green-colored fashion designer, Patihani, is making us pass green (not with envy!!!!) on this Maharashtrian Bridal Look.

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The mango-shade saree with the traditional border sample makes this Marathi bridal appearance past us!

Untitled Design 2024 01 17t170104.624

We love the entire Maharashtrian Bridal Look of this Marathi bride right from the chandrakor to the jewellery.

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This Traditional Shalu in purple coloration appears amazing together with the stunning jewelry and high-quality coiffure. We no longer forget to notice the Nath.

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Little did we think that Royal blue could look superb with a pooping orange coloration border.

Untitled Design 2024 01 17t170619.070

Abhidnya Bhave looks resplendent in a lilac nauvari saree at her wedding ceremony. She is clearly sporting the appearance with utter grace.

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We hope you like this list of Maharashtrian Look!!!

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