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India is famous for its beautiful dresses and culture. When it comes to weddings, their customs, styles, and rituals differ from the rest of the country. In this article, we will discuss different types of wedding dresses which make them fabulous in our Indian culture.

Most probably Indians looking for occasional dresses for all religious festivals, small-town people, and family functions.

Why South Indian mostly like tradational Wedding Dresses

The South Indian wedding attire is characterized by luxurious fabrics and elaborate jewellery. Moreover, the South Indian couple’s wedding dress reflects the importance of the wedding in South Indian culture.

Different types of south Indian wedding couple dresses from different southern states:


In Kerala, In Traditional South Indian Couple Wedding Dress, a bride is traditionally supposed to wear two pieces of clothing: Mundum (the lower garment) and Neriyathum (the upper garment). Yet, the Mundum Neriyathum saree is now what brides wear. It is a saree with a golden border.

Traditional South Indian Couple Wedding Dress, The groom for a Kerala wedding wears Lungi or Mundu with a gold Kasava border. He also has to keep a folded Melmundu cloth on his shoulder. It is customary to wrap the Melmundu around the groom’s bare chest. However, in modern times, grooms wear white or golden shirts with them.

Tamil Nādu

Traditional Wedding Attire

In Tamil Nadu, South Indians mostly wear Traditional South Indian Dresses that are rich in colors and motifs. A Tamil bride wears a 9-yard-long Kanjeevaram saree. The colour of the saree is usually bright, with broad golden borders woven into beautiful patterns.

The Tamil groom wears a two-piece garment made of silk. Veshti, the lower portion of the costume, which the groom wears as a lungi or a dhoti. The angavastram is draped around his neck. He may wear a straightforward white shirt or a salvai over it.


Karnataka state or Kannada wedding attire is similar to Tamil Nadu wedding attire. The bride wears a 9-yard-long Naavari saree. However, the bride from the Balija community wears a white saree with bright borders. Likewise, Coorgi brides from the Kannadiga dress in vibrant brocade sarees draped traditionally.

The groom wears the same attire as the Kerala wedding. He also wears the Pheta or Pitambar, a turban-like headgear in white or orange.

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

The bride in these states wears a white saree with maroon and golden embroidery on the borders. Many brides even choose bright colors like green, golden, yellow, etc.

The groom dresses in an off-white dhoti with a golden or red border and a kurta. The groom also wears a turban and The traditional South Indian lehengas are providing different types of the bride’s looks with cholis.

Here’re different types of South Indian lehengas like Kanchipuram Lehenga, Paithani Lehenga, and Chikankari Lehenga.

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Weddings are one of the most important occasions in a person’s life, be it a South Indian or a North Indian wedding. So, we can say that the traditional South Indian couple’s wedding dress is an expression of the cultural heritage and values of the South Indian community.

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