Whether it's a wedding entrance or a wedding reception entrance, these Bride and Groom Wedding Entry ideas have got you covered.

When it involves Indian weddings, almost all the focal points are on the bride. The only second that belongs to the groom is his grand access and entourage, the baraatis. According to North Indian traditions, the groom enters the wedding venue driving on a ghodi or female horse, and his family participants and associates stroll and dance and are eventually greeted by the bride’s family at the entrance. But with changing instances, critiques, and tastes, those customs have gone through a massive trade within the remaining few decades. Ghodi, the necessary vahan of the groom, is often averted by way of current grooms and is changed through antique automobiles, helicopters, and even elephants. The groom’s role has changed from a silent watcher to a unique show-stopper.

This article is an excellent tribute to the entry of the grooms and the baraatis, and it places together diverse ideas that the current-day husband-to-be can use to reach the venue and win over his bride. So, without uninteresting you further with forewords, let us share those cool groom entry ideas individually.

List of the latest groom entry ideas

1. Ride the Royal Chariot

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You can be a commoner. However, your wedding ceremony day is the only event that offers you the danger of living the life of the royals, even though it is for a day. And what else can replicate royalty higher than an elegant horse-drawn chariot? Talk to your occasion manager beforehand, beautify the chariot with lovely plant life, comfortable cushions, and colorful drapes, and embark on a chilled adventure toward the marriage venue. Hire Chhatradharis to assist you in de-boarding from the chariot and escort you to the mandap.

2. The magnetism of a vintage Car ride 

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    Cast the appeal of magnetism, luxury, and class as you enter the venue in a conventional, state-of-the-art, ultra-expensive vintage vehicle. Imagine the authority and power you would wield when you enter the venue in a white and black 1937 Bentley MX, a 1925 Hispano Suiza, or a white 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. Turn heads in your manner as you trip beyond people in that fantastic piece of artistry wearing a Manish Malhotra or a Tarun Tahiliani ensemble.  

    3. Hover and Land at the wedding venue.

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    Do you want to surprise your spouse-to-be, stun her parents, pals, and family, and make everyone present at the venue experience zealous? Then, enter the marriage venue in a terrific personal helicopter like a billionaire. Don’t be anxious. You want to avoid being an actual billionaire to pull this stunt. Just communicate with your event planner, and he can arrange things. Once everything is sorted, hover over the venue and Land on the lawn like the Ambanis, the Birlas, or Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Sounds marvelous? Then get yourself geared up to blow all and sundry over as you land on the green lawn of the wedding ceremony venue, displaying your aura. 

    4. The stunt lover  

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      Are you a stunt lover? Do you adore observing your favored Hollywood actors jumping from one skyscraper to another, like Superman? Or do you like your favorite Bollywood celebrities quickly landing at the degree from the sky amid blasting fireworks? If film stunts fascinate you, and you have the adrenaline to deal with the excitement, this idea might seem appealing. Ask your wedding ceremony planner to lease a stunt performer for you, and instead of attending dance choreography periods, study the cable stunts and tender-landing tricks from the stuntman. Practice strict and stun anybody, including your spouse-to-be, on a massive day by landing on the stage with fireworks like your favored Bollywood star. Most top-class banquet halls in Gurgaon have sufficient space to handle these forms of stunt shows. So, don’t worry if you are planning one for yourself.  

      5. The Bike Rider’s gang

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      If you are a seasoned biker and you’ve usually preferred your Enfield or Harley more than your beyond girlfriends, this concept suits you. Bring your biker’s gang and vroom your way to the wedding venue. The dig sound of the bikes, all your friends sporting the equal color sherwanis and pages, and you central the % in your glamorous wedding ceremony ensemble could provide you with macho access to the marriage venue. It will be a head-turning concept, especially if your wedding venue is a bit a ways from your property.

      6. Tramp to your wedding venue on an elephant

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        Want to make majestic access to your wedding venue in proper Maharaja fashion? Then, nothing could have a more powerful effect than arriving at the venue driving on an elephant. Riding an elephant to your wedding will only sometimes make your presence felt; however, it can even bring you all the attention you, in reality, deserve. Many feast halls in West Delhi have outside lawns and massive entrances. So, there is no need to be worried about the concept. Just make sure that the elephant is well-trained. 

        7. The groom squad on hoverboards  

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        If you have a massive organization of buddies prepared to have a blast at your wedding, this groom entry idea could bring an enormous smile to their faces. The idea is straightforward. The groom squad, such as you, would arrive at the venue on hoverboards. And if all your pals are fit and lively, you may rent an expert choreographer to devise a well-choreographed dance collection driving on those hoverboards. You can also determine a theme and purchase the same form of matching clothes for all of your buddies. Even your wedding dress may match that topic properly. 

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