Indian wedding decor is bold, colourful, and glamorous. But it can also be elegant and subtle if you want it to be.

Ah! It’s that time of the 12 months once more. The wedding ceremony season in India is sort of approximately to begin. The ornamental showpieces, white Plaster of Paris sculptures and king-size sofa units are soon going to be out of the big godowns and dusted off. Linens are going to be washed and old items discarded. Preparations are in full swing. Decorators have already started out traveling the neighborhood wholesale markets in search of the latest gadgets. Event organizers are nearly accomplished with their research on trendy and upcoming tendencies and are all prepared to leap into the action. For companies, makeup artists, DJs, and photographers, it’s time to shed the monsoon flab and get back into the groove again after a quick lay-off. The Indian wedding ceremony scene is already humming with activities. After all, it’s the “big fats” Indian wedding ceremony season that is approximately to start. 

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And as the wedding season units in, it’s far obvious that a few new developments could emerge. New concepts in wedding issues, ornament patterns, and catering might be added. In this article, we’ve mentioned seven such contemporary trends in wedding ceremony subject matters that can be predicted to rule the Indian wedding scene this coming season. Some of those issues are already popular with Indians and have been used in Indian weddings for years; at the same time, others are new in India but are very a great deal in vogue inside the West. So, before you e-book the venue for your wedding ceremony, take a look at these wedding theme thoughts listed below, and make your wedding ceremony a memorable experience. 

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Indian wedding theme ideas

1. Nawabi Andaaz – The Lucknowi Theme

The Nawabs of Lucknow had been known for their rich artistic taste and a deep sense of aesthetics. They had the popularity of being some of the best admirers of art and subculture in dynastic India a lot, so a number of them were well-known poets and writers themselves. Unlike the Mughals, who were known for their extravagance, the Nawabs of Lucknow desired to be remembered for their aristocracy and sober taste. It is no marvel, therefore, that one of the sweetest and maximum well-mannered languages in the world, Urdu, originated and flourished beneath the patronization and supervision of the Nawabs. Use this aristocracy and rich cultural and historical past as a topic for your dream wedding. Bring in the ghazal, Shayari, or thumri artists for a memorable live performance in the evening at your reception. Decorate the entire region in Lucknowi style with big paintings, crystal chandeliers, and cutouts of Urdu poems. Make Chikankari and churidar a part of your wedding dress. Include Shayaris inside the invitation playing cards as well as the menu cards, and welcome every visitor with a rose. Include plenty of kebabs in the starters in addition to the principle route. And, of the path, don’t forget to add the world-well-known Awadhi Biryani to your flavourful wedding ceremony menu. 

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2. Rajasthan ki Shaan – The Royal Rajputana Theme 

Bask in the glory of Rajputana. Choose the royal topic for your wedding. Decorate the complete location like a citadel palace with swords, knives, spears, and shields or e-book heritage royal assets as a venue for your wedding ceremony. Wear the Rajasthani Kundan choker necklace, Kangan and Kada, Borla and Kundan, but as wedding ceremony jewelry. Use bright and colorful shades in the drapes, curtains, and mandap decorations. Arrange for stay dance performances by means of Rajasthani folk artists. Include Laal maas, Jungli maas, Kair sangri, and Gatthe ki sabji within the menu. Don’t forget about to consist of Ghewar within the desolate tract. 

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3. Old World Charm – The Vintage Theme

Relish the days of the British Raj with this ancient theme. Make long gowns and suits with bow ties a part of your wedding ceremony dresses. Wear a Victorian hat with a pink ribbon in your head. The earrings should be antique and traditional. Let the groom arrive in a traditional antique car. Let there be old-style and well-attired chhatradharis to escort the groom to the mandap. Instead of strolling to the mandap, you can experience a palanquin. Go on your Sasural on a horse-pulled fit-on car. Food needs to be served on metal plates or gold-rimmed china. Wine is a must on the beverages menu.

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4. Bohemian Rhapsody – The Modern Casual Theme

Indian weddings have constantly been solemn, ceremonial & dignified. They are ritual-based totally and deep-rooted in traditions. Even a mild float from the rule books isn’t always familiar or properly obtained through the circle of relatives, individuals of the couples, and society as an entire. Though the birthday celebration component has steadily transformed over the previous couple of decades, the ceremonial part of the marriage has, in large part, remained unchanged until now. But all that is supposed to be exchanged this year. With a constant rise in single parenting and the nuclear family device, Indian wedding traditions and rituals are set to head for a toss. The bohemian or casual lifestyle has already unfolded its roots deep and a long way in the West. People are becoming married on the beach bare feet and in bikinis. Solemnizing the wedding is taken into consideration backdated and the ring exchange is an increasing number of being preferred. Now, in case you discover this cruelty to be cool, you could go for a bohemian theme for your wedding ceremony. Get married in easy casual clothes amid nature in front of the family. No mandap and no priest to chant the holy mantras. The earrings ought to be current and minimum. The reception celebration would be a regular night meal at a beachside or wooded area inn. 

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5. The Vegas Casino Theme

This can be a notable concept for wedding receptions. People come to the wedding reception to enjoy themselves, consume food, and have plenty of fun. So, provide them some thing to cheer approximately. Instead of uninteresting them with the same old stay track and DJ that they’re greeted with at each other celebration, marvel at them with a few exciting poker video games like the ones found in casinos. Make the decoration as actual as possible and the video games as proper as the authentic ones. Introduce some items or nominal cash prizes for the winners. Poker video games have masses of types. Talk to your wedding ceremony organizer and try to set up to four video games each for each age institution. For youngsters, you can install online game kiosks. Wear sequined gowns and fit to suit the glamorous topic. Hire a professional anchor to create pleasure and announce the outcomes of the video games performed. Open a massive bottle of champagne to rejoice in the prevailing game. Also, if it is viable, you could deploy a musical fountain within the center of the garden in keeping with the famous dancing fountains in front of the Hotel Bellagio in Vegas.  

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6. Filmy Style – The Bollywood Theme

This one is for the cine buffs and the diehard lovers of Bollywood. Easy to emulate, this theme can truly flip your wedding celebration into an evening complete with excitement and amusement. Get large movie posters and banners printed and paste them on the partitions of the ceremonial dinner hall or the marriage corridor. Construct an artificial temple beside the mandap, and get married in actual Bollywood fashion in front of that makeshift temple. Create as much drama as possible. Imitate a 70s hairdo with parted fringes on both aspects of the forehead. Gift your buddies polka-dotted kameez and massive collared shirts, and ask them to put on the same to the celebration in Vinod Khanna and Zeenat Aman fashion. Hire local singers and inform them to sing “Yaadon ki baraat” from the expanded stage wearing bell-bottom pants and outsized shades. Install massive existence-like cutouts of Bollywood superstars and megastars and put garlands on them. 

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7. Nature Inspired – A tribal Wedding Theme

Choose a wooded area lodge beside a river or inside the mountains and get married in herbal settings surrounded by massive bushes and bushes in proper Adivasi style. Plan a simplistic wedding amid nature with minimum rituals. Let the sounds of the crickets, birds, and different wild creatures stay on track at your wedding. Let the wedding dinner be cooked in makeshift ovens with firewood collected from the wooded area. Let the starters be organized for open-air barbeque. Sing and dance till overdue night time by the bonfire after the wedding feasts are over. Suitable for non-public and intimate weddings with a few guests, this woodland-based subject wedding can create memories for a lifetime.  

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