BT21 PLUSHIES: A Collectible Item For Every ARMY Fan’s collection

The K-pop industry is at its most significant hype and it is a source of income for the significant population, recent report published on showed that there were around 65.5 thousand people employed in the music industry in Korea. And of course, the major credit goes to BTS.

The craze for BTS accessories has significantly increased among the public which includes both youngsters and children. The market of this BTS customized merchandise has skyrocketed in the previous years and it’s still in a rising phase both nationally and internationally BTS is gaining popularity.

 Animated charms of BT21

As most of their fans are youngsters and kids so, stuffed toys are gaining a lot of popularity apart from the normal customized stuff toys, You might have heard about BTS plushies. These characters were recognized in September 2017.  These are the animated version of BTS members which represents each BTS member differently. There are a total of 8  characters, each for every member.

  1. RM   {Koya}               
  2. Jin {RJ}
  3. J Hope {Mang}
  4. V {Tata}
  5. Suga {Shooky}
  6. Jungkook {Cooky}
  7. Jimin {Chimmy}
  8. Army {Van}
Animated charms of BT21

Well, these are the same characters you saw on Facebook or any other messaging app as a free sticker! BTS members created the initial sketch by themselves but it was later re-edited by a team of designers each character is unique in themselves. These charms dominate the industry of cute characters.

  • Tata V loves unique characters more than cute characters. Tata is a heart-shaped character who is an alien with transforming powers.
  • Chimmy It is a yellow puppy recognized for its chubby cheeks and joyous nature.
  • Koya This Koala has a purple nose and a blue body V said that purple represents love and that is the reason behind his nose.
  • RJ It is an alpaca that wears a Parka.
  • Mang It is a dancing pony with a heart-shaped nose but his face is hidden by a mask.
  • Shooky is a cookie having an awkward attitude.
  • Cooky It is a rabbit who works out a lot just like Jungkook.
  • Van It is a space robot that protects BT21 and it represents the army.

There are a lot of themed cafes about BT21 all across Asia and they are gaining popularity in other countries like America. They have even stared at advertisements and are also a part of the marketing strategy of Incheon International Airport in Korea.

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