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An Aadhaar card is a compulsory document and the most trustworthy identity of an Indian citizen. The Aadhar card issuing authority UIDAI makes a requirement to include every Indian citizen regardless of age, area, sex, or religion. It contains demographic as well as biometric information of an individual. For all children below 5 years, a Baal Aadhar Card is issued which is generally blue.

This provision even covers newborn children although their fingerprints are not scanned once the child crosses 5 years the biometrics are to be updated.


  • All children below 5 years can apply including newborn babies.
  • No biometrics are taken only the child’s photograph is taken
  • The Aadhar card of any one parent is required.
  • After the child becomes 15 years old the same process is repeated.
  • No fee is required for any of the services mentioned above.


  • No school provides admission without the unique id or the Aadhar card.
  • It acts as a unique id and even facilitates the process of migration.
  • It is difficult to benefit from government services without them.

Step 1:

Visit your nearest local enrollment center for the application.

Step 2:

Fill up the form with all required points.

Step 3:

Anyone parent has to provide the Aadhar card details just because the child is less than 5 years.

Step 4

A picture of the child will be taken and the address and other demographical details will be filled in from the parent’s Aadhar card.

Step 5:

Submit the birth certificate or the discharge letter from the hospital the service provider will hand over an enrollment slip that contains the enrollment number and it can be further used to check the process of Aadhar generation.

Step 6

UIDAI will send a message to the registered mobile number and will deliver the Aadhar card and no payments are to be made in this entire process.

[This approach is generally completed within 90 days]


Step 1

Visit and click on the Aadhar card registration page.

Step 2

Fill up all the necessary details asked such as the child’s name, parent’s phone number, and email address.

Step 3

Fill up all the demographic details after filing all the personal information.

Step 4

To continue, Click on the Fix appointment tab and set a date of registration for the Aadhar card.

Step 5

Now select the nearest Aadhar enrollment center to complete further details.

Step 6

Visit the nearest Aadhar enrollment center and fill up the form provided and mention the parent’s Aadhar card information and mobile number.

Step 7

After the verification process child’s photograph will be taken and no biometrics are taken if your child is less than 5 years old.


  • No fee is charged for enrolling the child for an Aadhar card however for having a color printout on A4 size paper 30 Rs. is charged.
  • A further amount is charged for biometrics and demographic information upgradation which is nominal.
  • Baal Aadhar card is generally blue.
  • It takes usually 90 days to reach the residential address.
  • There is no minimum age even a newborn can also apply.
  • Once the child becomes 5 is essential to submit his iris scan, biometrics, and a current photograph.
  • Baal Aadhar card is NOT valid after the child turns 5.

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