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Yes, If your baby is not premature and doesn’t have any sort of medical complications then certainly air travel is the best way of traveling you can ever choose but make sure to talk to your health care provider and avoid traveling if your baby is less than a month old. Babies born through C Section should opt for more rest as they are already weak and might face certain complications before boarding the flight.


  • Consult your doctor and avoid the journey if your child has health problems or breathing disorders.
  • Check the minimum age requirement mentioned by the airline company.
  • International travel is not permitted until and unless your child has an official passport.
  • Many airline companies offer a discount for children under 2 years.


Although air travel is generally safe it is better if you consider the following factors,

  • Airborne diseases

Try to look for a flight that has a well-advanced and modern air circulation system and hence reduces the broadcast of airborne diseases. Usually, small flights don’t have proper air circulation systems and they used the technique of recirculation so if a person got any sort of communicable disease high chance are there of the child getting exposed to it because small infants have weak immune systems.

  • Air pressure

Changing cabin pressure causes a lot of pressure in the middle ear child can get triggered and annoyed because of the discomfort caused. To avoid discomfort use a milk bottle or pacifier to keep the child unbothered. It is advisable to use cotton balls at the time of takeoff and initial decent.

  • Breathing disorders

Air pressure in the cabin is generally low than that of land so premature babies can suffer breathing problems if your baby is sick or has any other issue make sure you talk to your doctor before boarding the flight.

  • Your baby’s age and health

Do not travel shortly after birth because newborn babies are developing their immune systems and it is very important to travel only if your doctor says YES.

  • Baby’s seat

There is no need for having a separate seat for your baby because they are more comfortable sitting in their lap. After all, it is easier to bottle feed or breastfeed them. This way you can easily save your money and provide comfort to your child.

  • Changing diapers

You should change the diaper of your child before boarding the flight and carry extra clothes and diapers. Check all essential items twice and make sure to carry wipes and sanitizer with you Most aircraft have changing tables so you can get up between flights to change the diaper if your child demands.


  1. Choose a flight that matches your child’s sleeping patterns.
  2. Wait until your child is at least a month old
  3. Change the diaper before boarding the flight.
  4. Carry proof of your child’s age
  5. Avoid sitting near sick people
  6. Book a nonstop flight.
  7. Bring more essentials than you need
  8. Consult your doctor.
  9. Choose a window seat.
  10. Know your airline’s policy.

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