Baby Crying

The ultimate guide to easing their discomfort.

Crying is just a way of communication. Even healthy babies, on average cry about for 3-4 hours, and that’s okay! It might be because the child is hungry, has stomach issues, boredom, illness, sleepiness, diaper issues, or need a burp. Well, there is no such magical book to figure out why your child is crying but whenever a child cries he has some specific requirement or it might be a significant issue or a health problem that should not be ignored.

Is crying a lot, normal?

Crying at usual decreases when the child grows older. Sometimes the cause can be obvious and straightforward forward like noise, dirty diapers, general discomfort, teething, or hunger but sometimes when all these things are right and still a child is annoyed and crying for more than 3 hours a day then it is called ‘infantile colic’. Such babies who cry a lot are often called ‘colicky’.

How to make your child calm down?

The first that should come into your mind while calming your baby should be, taking care of his needs. Try to find the exact reason why your child is crying after that, and make sure you fulfill his requirements but most of the time we couldn’t find the reason why a baby cries. You might think that is his tantrums but calming down your child is essential for his overall well-being. Doctor Harvey Carp mentioned the 5S’s to calm down a child in his book “Happiest baby on the block”.

● Swaddle

Swaddling helps to make a colicky baby calm down it gives the baby a sense of personal touch and also prevents a baby from scratching himself but whichever blanket you wrap your baby on, should not be tight and their arms should be at the side they should feel secure.

  • Stomach position

Hold your on their stomach over your arm this helps the child to become calm as it gives the sensation as if they are back in their mother’s womb and it this position gives a good impact on digestion.

  • Shuuuushhh!! sound

Shushing sound is for sure the best way to calm down. The shushing sound is similar to the sound babies hear in the womb. You can increase your volume a little bit when your baby cries out loud.

  • Swing

Try swinging your baby because infants love these types of motions it helps them to calm down and sleep without toys or bumpers. You can use your arms or crib.

  • Suck

Give your child a pacifier or a milk bottle it keeps the child engaged and unbothered. It makes the child joyful.

Some other tipsss!!!

  • Massage
  • Take your child for a walk.
  • Sing a song or lullaby.
  • Give them toys and try talking to them in a gentle voice,

Can being unbothered settle the matter?

I know, It can be emotionally scary to let your child cry out loud and this technique is a bit controversial as well.

Well, experts say that if a child calms down by itself it has no such harm on the baby’s emotional state and the bond between child and parent. It lets the child adapt to the environment outside the womb.

However, the child must be at least 6 months old.

However, it’s always better to consult your doctor and get his expert advice because it might be a health issue that needs immediate action.

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