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The year 2023 will be equally enjoyable for both fashion designers and enthusiasts! Regarding ethnic fashion, particularly bridal south Indian lehenga, it will be a great rollercoaster ride. The appeal of particular aspects, such as quirky sleeves, ruffled hems, non-bridal tones, period and vintage styles, etc., indicate the popularity of unconventional bridal looks in 2023. But, the bridal south Indian lehenga choli won’t undergo a significant alteration.

You can take inspiration from these designs if you want to be the ultra-chic and on-trend bride in 2023! Discover the strategies in this article that can allow you to seem like the South Indian bride of your dreams.

Lehenga Trends

The flared South Indian lehenga choli is a timeless style that will never go out of style, but in 2023, more avant-garde designs will be popular. The other components of the lehenga appearance, like the choli and dupatta, also appear to be veering slightly away from tradition. But in 2023, the classic shapes will enhance its distinctive styles.

Monochromatic Lehengas

Monochromatic Lehengas-1

The monochrome trend, in which the entire lehenga is one color, is resurfacing. But pastel-colored monochromatic lehengas are likely to become more popular this year.

Anarkali Lehengas

The Anarkali type lehenga is essentially a lehenga with a long choli that resembles a kurta and has a split along the Center, and occasionally the sides, exposing the lehenga skirt. This kurta-choli has a similar cut to an Anarkali kurta. Such lehengas have recently become more popular in the local bridal fashion industry and they will likely soon make their way into the aristocratic sector.

Full Sleeve lehengas

In 2023, there will be plenty of cutting-edge choli-sleeve designs! Even though it is clearly out of the usual and isn’t particularly creative, the full-sleeve choli is making a comeback. The full-sleeve lehenga silhouette is dripping with charm and sophistication. Without sheer materials, decoration, sequin work, and embroidery on the net, long sleeves are unimaginable. Puffed or funky shoulders also look great with big sleeves.

Off Shoulder Lehengas

Off-shoulder cholis are nothing new, but recently few Bollywood stars have been spotted wearing them, including Tara Sutaria and Sara Ali Khan. Off-shoulder choli outfits from designer Tarun Tahiliani are gorgeous for 2022! Hems with beadwork, feathery fringes, and textural patterns are prevalent.

Bustier Choli Lehengas

Well-fitting blouses with bustier cholis are modeled by structured lingerie! They frequently have no sleeves and occasionally have bold off-shoulder sleeves. A lot of eye-catching embellishments, such as mirror work, large sequin work, bead and stone embroidery, etc., are frequently seen on bustier cholis.

Sequin Lehenga

In 2023, sequins will make a significant comeback. Matte textures and threadwork have recently overtaken the glittering appeal of sequins. But this year, it will all be about the shine and the dazzle!! It will be beneficial for fashion designers to create stunning sequin-embellished looks for their lehengas.

Fuchsia Pink Lehengas

The vibrant Fuchsia pink color scheme for ethnic wedding wear is dominant this year. It’s poppy and electrifying. Bridal reds will fade into obscurity as more and more brides choose vivid hues of fuchsia pink for less-than-traditional, stylish, and modern lehenga designs. See more pink Lehengas here.

Pastel Tones Lehengas

Pastel colors are still popular. Pastels have dominated ethnic wear color schemes for a while, and continue to be used in wedding-appropriate lehengas. With Indian weddings, pastels work brilliantly to create a matte, subdued, subtle, and more modern aesthetic.

Cut-Out Choli

The back, sides, and center of these cholis are all cut out in a triangular pattern. They are highly sensual and attractive without being vulgar because they have slightly bare skin. The backless choli, which was fairly fashionable even a year ago, has been replaced by this style. cut-out cholis enhance the lehenga’s appearance.

Multi-color Juxtaposition Lehengas

The juxtaposition of various patterns and hues will be significant in bridal fashion. Weaving techniques or sewing processes will be used to combine a variety of patterns, textures, and colors. So, this year’s lehengas will be dominated by multicolor patterns.

Follow These Trends and Create Your Outfits

Based on your preferred style and the latest trends in 2023. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide detailed instructions on how to create your bridal South Indian lehenga using the newest trends.

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