Today Announced winner of big boss 16 is MC Stan and the runner-up is Shiv Thakre.

3rd Position – Priyanka

4th Position – Archana Gautam

5th Position – Shaline 

Today’s last episode seems very strange as Indian people already announced Priyanka would be the winner of BigBoss 16. The finale of BigBoss 16 aired today and it was very strange. Indian people had already announced Priyanka Chopra as the winner, so many were surprised when Mc Stan’s was named the victor.

#BigBoss 16

But Although Indian Viewers looks not Happy and say #BigBoss 16 is Biased completely. 

But Indian Viewers look not Happy and say #BigBoss 16 is Biased completely. Colors TV Channel has been receiving a lot of complaints from viewers about the alleged bias in favor of contestant Mc Stan in the show Big Boss Season 16.

Now Starting a Boycott of the Next season and against the entertainment industry, many people are calling for a boycott of next season’s entertainment. Some have even called for a complete shutdown of BigBoss until these issues can be addressed and resolved.

While it may seem like an extreme measure, this could be just what is needed to start changing the culture in BigBoss that has allowed these abuses to go on for so long.

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