The rituals include sweets and savories present to Lord Vinayaka, the groom's family gifts the bride a saree and jewelry on nichayathartham.

India is the land of tradition and lifestyle. All festivities and celebrations are marked using song, dance, colors, and food. Since the people of the US belong to exceptional religions, castes, and races, the marriage rituals additionally differ. Thus, the rituals in the southern part of the US differ from those in the north.

The distinction inside the wedding is attributed not simply to the rite. How the bride and groom dress and the food served is extraordinary in some shape or different. Thus, every kingdom has its very own precise customs and traditions. But certain rituals are normally followed by most South Indian states. 

South Indian Hindu Wedding Traditions

Mangala Snanam

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The phrase “Mangala” method pure, and “Snanam” manner bathtub. Thus, Mangalasnanam means “purifying tub.” This is the first ritual conducted on the day of the wedding. A sandalwood, turmeric, and saffron paste is prepared and applied to the bride’s face and body. Oil is then used to the hair. Once achieved, the bride takes a tub of holy water to purify her soul and frame. 

The Mangalasnanam is completed at the crack of sunrise and is accomplished using married ladies of the family. 

Gauri Puja

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Gauri is the goddess “Parvati,” which is consistent with the Hindu faith. She is the Goddess of purity and virtue. The bride performs the Gauri pooja once she is ready. Through this pooja, the bride seeks the benefits of the Goddess for a prosperous married lifestyle. In some customs, a Gauri-Ganesha pooja is also carried out to keep the evil spirits away. 

In states like Kerala, the bride and groom go to the temple rather than performing Gauri Puja. “Ganesha” temple is visited first to look for the advantages of Lord Ganesha, who’s the remover of limitations. 

Pada Puja

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This ritual is accomplished before the groom enters the venue. The groom’s feet are washed with holy and rose water using a few young family contributors. Once passed, the toes are dried earlier than intended at the venue. This is a mark of recognition given to the groom by the bride’s family. 

Kashi Yatra

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Kashi yatra is a ritual performed at Brahmin weddings. The groom units out on a Kashi yatra to seek the almighty’s benefits before starting a brand new bankruptcy in his existence. He sets out with an umbrella, snacks, a strolling stick, and a dhoti. The bride’s father and uncles convince him and bring him lower back to the mandap. This is the rite of Kashi yatra. 

This traditional ritual is a fun rite in present-day weddings wherein the groom runs in the direction of his eternal bachelor lifestyle. Relatives chase him around the venue and convey him lower back to the mandap to keep the marriage rituals. 

Wedding Ritual

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The real wedding ceremony ritual varies from country to country. The groom is welcomed to the venue using young girls preserving oil lamps. In some traditions, rituals like puja are conducted throughout the ceremony. Whereas in a few other traditions, the rituals are simple and contain only tying the Mangalsutra, the necklace worn using a married woman. Once executed, the bride and groom change garlands, signifying that they’ve entered married existence. 


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“Kanya” approaches women, and “danam” means gift. This ritual signifies that the bride’s father is giving his daughter as a present to the groom. In this ritual, the bride’s father keeps his daughter’s hand at the groom’s hand alongside coconut or betel leaf and pours holy water. The father is wholeheartedly giving his daughter as the groom’s wife. 

Circling the Fire

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Once the wedding rituals are over, the bride and groom keep arms and circle the fireplace seven times. Vedic mantras are chanted inside the heritage. In a few customs, couples stroll around the mandap in three instances. This ritual can last from five minutes to an hour, depending on the custom accompanied. 


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Once the rituals are over, a grand ceremonial dinner is obtainable to the visitors. The formal dinner is purely vegetarian and provided in a plantain leaf. Guests get to relish proper South Indian food, which all are certain to experience. No alcohol is served as part of the wedding celebration in South India. 

What to Know Before Attending A South Indian Wedding?

  • South Indian wedding ceremony attire is different from what you see in films, so make sure that you get help from a person who is aware of what they’re speaking about, and also, you’ll display up to the celebration like one of the natives!
  • Most South Indian weddings occur during the break of the day. 
  • The actual bridal ceremony can ultimate from a few minutes to hours. This depends on the rituals and ceremonies observed. 
  • The rituals are always observed by using the loud classical track. 
  • The food is served in an unmarried plantain leaf, starting with rice and finishing with dessert. Once the meal ends, you should fold the leaf from pinnacle to bottom, indicating that you enjoyed the food. 
  • Since the food is served conventionally, you should devour it with your palms. No spoons and forks are available for ingesting. 
  • Modern South Indian weddings have some fun elements that act as an icebreaker among the couples. 
  • Money is typically given as a gift for South Indian weddings because it facilitates couples to start brand-new lifestyles. Money is gifted in extraordinary numbers as it is taken into consideration to be auspicious. 

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